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Merchants IV
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Currently, our live set consists of songs from this list

  • (all songs arranged by Brown, Krohlow, Schikora, Sperling)
  • -------------------------------------
  • Anything That's Rock n Roll (Petty)
  • Brand New Cadillac (Taylor)
  • Elizabeth Smiles (Zollo)
  • Find A Way Out (Brown, Krohlow, Schikora, Sperling)
  • First Kick (Brown, Krohlow, Schickora, Sperling)
  • Foxy Lady (Hendrix)
  • Great Life (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Honeycomb (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • I Want Your Love (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Jean Genie (Bowie)
  • Jefferson (Roxette)
  • Killers (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Love and Peace (U2)
  • Men Are Islands (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • New Man Blues (Zollo)
  • Open Road (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)
  • Red Nell (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Right Way (Brown, Krohlow, Schikora, Sperling)
  • Rolling Thunder (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Soul Food (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Thank You (Page, Plant)
  • The Albion (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • The Moment (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • The Whole Point (Weller)
  • Urban Loneliness (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)
  • Watch The Moon Come Down (Parker)
  • Watching My Bridges Burn (Brown, Krohlow, Schikora, Sperling)
  • You Do Something To Me (Weller)
  • You Only Get One Go (Brown, Krohlow, Sperling)


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Back to Jack music session, Meckelfeld

Cafe Klatsch, Lüneburg;

Salon Hansen, Lüneburg;

Merchants IV 2013

27.11.2013 I'm sad to announce that Tony has left the band to concentrate on his family, work and solo music projects.

15.10.2013 It's been a while since I posted anything here. Betweentimes we've played 2 gigs, one a private party to celebrate the opening of an enormous, high tech equestrian centre, the other a free Thursday evening 2-band event in Klecken. Both went well - the sound could probably have been better at the horse do, but we played well. Klecken was great fun. At the moment we're taking a bit of a break. Thorsten is injured and a few other things have got in the way of our regular practise slot.
One piece of bad news is that poor ol' Pommes' studio - where we recorded Great Life and others - burnt down a few weeks ago. I spoke to him recently and he was characteristically cheerful and positive about rebuilding. We wish him luck.

03.06.2013 Very enjoyable music evening at the Barninale last Saturday. Three bands on stage - Six Stars, followed by Nate, followed by us. Sound and light by Protones. Sounded good, looked good and all played well. A good performance all round. Oh what lucky people those residents of Barnstedt truly are :-)

As already hinted, we can also announce a new gig now. 17th August in Neu Oerzen. Details later...

22.05.2013 New video alert!!! Check the video page to enjoy - footage taken from Stadtfest Winsen this year.
Other rumours include a possible new gig to be announced soon.....

09.05.2013 Stadtfest Winsen last night. Good gig :-) A lovely warm May evening, great light show on the stage and we played well. Played from 22:15 to 23:40 ish. Really enjoyed it. I've put a couple of photos up on the various photo pages; our new banner looks good. Go on, have a look :-)

07.04.2013 We played the LSK benefit gig last night with 3 other bands. Efi, a 9-piece band who reminded me somewhat of Traffic, Unumgänglich, a decent young German rock band, and Lehmann and Kowalski, a covers rock band. At the moment we seem to be having a run of bad luck with equipment that is nothing to do with us. During our set, and only during our set, a DI stage box started messing about leading to a loud buzzing noise in the middle of a song - a bit off-putting. We played ok, despite the, by now almost normal, mediocre sound on stage. 

One thing that we're working on at the moment is our stage presence. This is an area where I think we're having some success. The interaction between us is quite good now and we're developing quite a team feeling when on stage. We're also writing more new material, which is coming on nicely.

It was great to see Pommes and Ace there on Saturday night. They had some useful comments on our performance, one being that we need to get someone who mixes permenantly for us - someone who knows our material and can mix it accordingly - a 5th Merchant. Any volunteers?

Next gig - Winsen stadtfest. Looking forward to it. The stage from last year has been relocated to the main stadtfest area. The stage itself was great last year, so in a central area it should be a good one!!!

08.03.2013 Back to Jack last night - I dunno....somehow, for us, a bit disappointing. We were on third, after a very good Hamburg-based band, Beat Crazy. They went down very well, to a full house. Then we started, had a few sound problems in the first song, sorted it by the second...I think... and from then on played well, but the full house started emptying and, although there were still people there at the end, they were significantly fewer. Those who stayed seemed to enjoy it....dancing and calling for more.... but, why...? I don't think we were crap....

03.03.2013 The benefit gig in the Hasenburg, Lüneburg has been rescheduled for 6th April. I believe we'll be playing with 2 other bands. Should be a good night!

28.02.2013 Getting ready for the Back to Jack gig next week. We're playing an up-tempo, all-action, 45 minute set. Looking forward to it.
Otherwise, some other gig possibilities in negotiation, including the possibility of a weekend festival way on down south. We'll keep you posted.

29.01.2013 The benefit gig at the end of Feb has been cancelled. We hope for another date soon.

13.01.2012 Good gig yesterday. As usual for us in Klatsch, a middling number of people in, but we played well and enjoyed ourselves. We also landed another gig, so we'll be playing a benefit do in the Hasenburg, Lüneburg on 23rd Feb together with another band ( a couple of the former Bad Excuse members, I believe)

04.01.2013 What a start. Our band practice room was flooded by a burst water main over Christmas. We've had to evacuate and check all the equipment, and Jörg and Thorsten have spent ages drying the floor, carpet and wall insulation. We hauled ourselves over to Buchholz for practice on Wednesday in a great little room at the band practice facility over there. We'll be there again on Monday for our final run through before the upcoming gig in Cafe Klatsch at the weekend.

Our 4 newly recorded tracks are finished now, and sounding good. We're looking forward to recording 4 more later this year.

Merchants IV 2012

16.11.2012 We've been busy. We've recorded 4 tracks and are in the process of the final mix for them. We're working on some new tunes and starting to think about the Klatsch gig coming in January. We're working on the design for a logo for a banner and t shirts etc, and I've just redone the photo pages on this site - so go have a look!!!

18.09.2012 I've put some new video material up and changed things around a little bit to try to make it all a bit clearer. Meanwhile, we're getting ready for the studio again in a couple of weeks where we hope to record a 4-track e.p.

17.09.2012 I'll tell you what.... it was a good 'un. The BBBT is a small, friendly biker meet. This means that when we play there there isn't exactly a huge crowd...but... they're a great bunch and it was a very enjoyable evening. We played well as well, by the way.

13.09.2012 Back and ready for the Biker Meet on Saturday. Should be starting around 9pm. All welcome. Free entry. Get there early for beer and to catch the whole show. We're planning to play one long, rocking set :-)

03.08.2012 Our usual summer break has started. Back soon.

23.07.2012 The Kuhstall gig last Saturday went off smoothly. We set up with our gear - lights, sound, etc. Beer and soft drinks were available for a donation (problems with the location license meant we couldn't sell them). We were supported by the band 'No Name Bro', who played a 45 minute set to a very warm response. Then we played 2 sets, of about an hour each.
Those who stayed to the end clearly enjoyed themselves, with some expressive dancing, singing along, etc.

I've added a couple of photos to the various pages of the media section. 

14.07.2012 Rock the Kuhlstall 2 next week in Barnstedt. Free entry; cheap beer :-) Kick off 19:30

12.07.2012 Just added some new photos to the media site (links via pics at the top of this page). Also, we've arranged to go in the studio again in October. The plan is to record a 4 track e.p. Tracks probably Open Road, Right Way, I Want Your Love and Urban Loneliness.

03.07.2012 Just confirmed that we're back in Klecken next March. Was a great gig last time...Looking forward to it.

18.06.2012 Another good one - the gig at the Altonale last Saturday. Great stage and sound; good, appreciative crowd. Nice gig!

15.06.2012 Off to Hamburg tomorrow. We're playing at the Altonale at 14:30, for 1 hour on the ECA Rockstage. Looking forward to it!

08.06.2012 Klecken - We rocked; they danced, clapped and bayed for more. Great gig, great audience :-)
Hopefully we'll be there again sometime next year

31.05.2012 Getting ready for the Klecken gig next Thursday. We should be the last band on (of 3), starting around 10:15pm and playing a short, 45 minute set. Should be fun.
Andrea on synthesizer for the first time in practice last night. Brings a whole new dimension to the sound. Cool. 
Also, our album - Great Life -, or individual tracks, can be heard via Spotify online streaming. Check it out.

22.05.2012 Great news, Great Life is back on as .mp3 to download. We're back!!

21.05.2012 One down. Good gig in Winsen last wednesday evening. Professional sound and light - we played after dark so the lights looked great - we played well and generally enjoyed ourselves. Only negative really was the location of the stage - on the edge of the Stadtfest area, so sadly not getting much passing traffic and so, a small crowd.

15.05.2012 Ready for the first of 3 gigs in short succession tomorrow. We start at 10pm on the Bürgerbühne in Winsen (Luhe) town centre. We have a one hour slot into which we will try to squeeze 11 or 12 songs. It's gonna be tight...

28.03.2012 Great news. Just heard we're playing at the Winsen Stadtfest, 16th May on the Bürgerbühne, probably last band on. Holiday on the following day, so should be a good night :-) 
Other great news. Our album's on Spotify - now available here in Germany.

22.03.2012 Working on some new material and reworked versions of some older songs. We've finally got 200 CDs of our Great Life album.

07.02.2012 Just heard from Felix, a DJ on Twistersound Internet radio. He says he has played a couple of tracks from our album on the radio!

01.02.2012 So, it seems Tunecore, our distributor, is trying to get songwriter's fees for the little guy (like us) from Amazon Europe, and allegedly Amazon are not too keen about the idea, so have taken all Tunecore artists recordings down for the time being. Hopefully there will be a settlement soon and we'll be up again on, .uk, etc, etc. Organisations like GEMA here in Germany collect songwriter's fees, but distribute them according to their own system, which means the little guy doesn't actually get anything. Any improvement seems to be worth supporting, me thinks. 

26.01.2012 For some reason Great Life is no longer available from Amazon in Europe. still have it. I'm trying to find out why.

12.01.2012 So, a new post for 2012. Our Album is on sale! I've got it up on iTunes and Amazon all over the world. It's also supposedly being promoted on internet radio. Cool.

Band News

05.01.2012 Well, a happy New Year to you all. we want to start the New Year by announcing that our new album - Great Life - is out now. You can get hold of a copy for a mere €12 + p+p by mailing us at the email address above, or directly from us at one of our gigs, or other outlets that I hope to inform you about soon. Betweentimes, you can here excerpts of all 10 tracks on the Merchantmedia download page, which you can reach via the link above.

31.12.2011 So, the cd is mastered and finished. We're working on artwork and hoping to get some pressed a.s.a.p.
Also getting ready for the Klatsch gig in a couple of weeks.

 02.12.2011 In the studio again a couple of days ago. Now we're just waiting for it all to be mastered and then we'll see about getting some cds made. Meanwhile preparing for the Klatsch gig in Jan. Thorsten out guesting on drums in Klecken last night. We're hoping we might be playing there some time next year. Andrea will be out for several months for obvious reasons.

09.11.2011 There again last night. Nearly finished!!!!

07.11.2011 Studio recording going on. Sounds good so far. It all takes an unbelievable amount of time, but we've tried out a few new ideas and at least some of them have worked out for the better. We've recorded 10 tracks; all our own compositions. We'll be looking at putting them out as a CD to buy soon...we hope. CD title: Great Life.
Other news: The January gig at Cafe Klatsch looks like it might have interest value. Andrea won't be playing due to the impending birth of her 2nd child! There is a distinct possibility that former Merchant, Jürgen, may get up and play a few songs with us, along with another ex jamming partner of ours, Beni.

08.10.2011 Now we're in the studio recording what might be our first album. Going well so far.

08.10.2011 A tale of two gigs. The biker gig was great; a lovely late summer evening, we played well and had a great sound. Two weeks later, Thorsten was just recovering from a bout of illness, Tony in the middle of one, the Salon Hansen gig was alright, but could have been better!

26.07.2011 Looks like we won't be having our usual summer break this year. Busy working on new arrangements and getting ready for autumn gigs.

 23.06.2011 Been back together for a few weeks now. Am trying to update this site, with more photos, and we have a YouTube channel with one video so far. More to follow a.s.a.p. See link above for Merchants YouTube video(s). Rehearsals going very well, by the way.

07.04.2011 I called the earlier set of posts 'The Trials and Tribulations....' and that's sure as hell the story now. Andrea's out injured for a month, Jörg's injured - status unknown (we hope he's alright), and gig-wise, there's nothing doing. We applied to play at a Hamburg cultural event, but they claim they never received our application (impossible). Frustrating times indeed.   

24.03.2011 So now we're back to knocking on doors looking for gigs, and trying to work out when we can get into a studio to record some tracks. It's a funny old game. Updated the blog and website appearance. I think I like it.

Yeah, good one! We played well at the Klatsch on Saturday. Played 2 sets - about 2h 20min in total (+ break). A reasonable turn out and went down well.

Thought it was about time I put an update here. But really there isn't all that much to update. We're looking forward to our upcoming gig in Cafe Klatsch on 19th of this month.

Klatsch gig went well. It was nice to see Robert and Manuel from Stony Waters there. We're in the process of finalising the date for another gig there early 2011. Meanwhile we're working on new material and a few changes here and there, and recording a few tracks. We'll see what comes of it all.

Two great gigs! The Barninale gig with full sound and light from Protones, and Bad Excuse on after us was cool. Then, last night we played at the same location for the BBBT biker meeting with our own sound and light system, and, honestly, I think the sound was comparable. Looking forward to Cafe Klatsch next month, along with further possibilities for this be announced.

We've got a busy spell coming up by our recent standards. Saturday is the Barninale gig, with full sound and light system, the following Saturday we're playing the biker do, and then on the 9th October we're in Cafe Klatsch again. All three gigs are open to the public, and all three start somewhere around 8:30 pm. We also hope to start recording an album as soon as it is possible. More later...

It's a funny ol' game. We're now investing considerable time and effort in looking for gigs. Jörg, particularly is working hard trying to contact people responsible for bookings and generally following leads. And then, several of us drive to various venues and try to talk to those responsible... who may or may not be there when we get there. The number of local venues seems restricted and I guess we'll soon start travelling further and further afield in the search.

Good gig Saturday in Cafe Klatsch. We played well, turnout was a bit on the small side, but, hey, we're competing with the might of the Eurovision Song Contest!! It seems a sad fact of life that people would rather watch that drivel on TV than go and see real live music in their region, but, there you go!

The Trials and Tribulations of a Rock 'n' Roll Band

Saturday before last saw us packing up the bus and heading over to the rehearsal studios in Buchholz to use the stage there for... well.... stage practise.
Last nights practise sounded great. Ready for Cafe Klatsch this coming Saturday, kick off around 9:00 pm. Should be fun as the nice writers of the programme there have billed us as a rockabilly band!!!

Gig coming up, 29th May in Cafe Klatsch, Lüneburg. We'll be playing a couple of longer sets, for which we are now busy getting ready. Also, I forgot to mention, we had a fun afternoon a few weeks ago on a photo shoot with the very lovely Heike. Loads of new promo photos. I'll get some up in the slideshow on this site soon.

Ok. Andrea Schikora has joined us on keyboards and, naturally, vocals. We finally have the line-up we've been trying for. There are a couple of new songs about and we're generally working through the set with new keyboard and vocal parts.

Interesting possible new developments. There could be news of a new band member soon. We're trying things out. Other than that, we've confirmed our next gig at the Cafe Klatsch in Lüneburg in May. It's a Saturday night, so should be a good one. Looking forward to it!

FYI I've also added some entries to complete the band history in the earlier parts of this blog, so, should anyone be interested, scroll down now - it's all there!

Happy New Year again. It's just over a year now that we've been a three-piece. We continue to grow and are busy developing new material. Trying to chase a few gigs. Hoping for news soon.

The "Rock the Kuhstall" night was a real success. We played alternating sets with the guys from Bad Excuse. A decent turnup and a good time had by all, I think.

I've put some sound files of excerpts of our demo tracks up on the Merchantsmedia site (see link, top left) for you to download and listen to, if you like. They're in good ol' mp3 format, so are relatively small files and they run for 2 or 3 minutes each. Should give you an idea of our sound.

We've got it! Did the final mastering of the demo last Sunday in Hamburg. Have the thing in our hands now. Practice room dispute seems to be sorted too.

Stuff going on: In a minor dispute over our practice room (people who don't deserve it want money...oh joy). Still waiting for our demo - no apparent action there, despite requests. Putting new material together - well at least that's going well.

Back after the summer break. Great practice last night; some new ideas around. Still waiting for our mastered demo.......

Successful gig last Saturday. We played well and had a good sound. I think we showed what we can do and that, as a starting point for gigs to come, is a positive thing.

Demo recording went well. We recorded 'Open Road', 'Honeycomb', 'Men Are Islands', 'Soul Food' and a cover of the Weller classic 'You Do Something To Me'. We are now eagerly awaiting the final mastered version.

All looking good for recording next week. We're planning to record one cover and 4 of our own songs.

Maybe, just maybe, the date for our demo recording studio session is finally set. We should be doing it over the long weekend from May 21st. However, we've been this far before.... Let's see what happens.

Good practice last night. Thorsten on keyboards for first time.

The demo soap opera goes on...we live in hope... it may happen soon! Meanwhile, is Thorsten going to play some keyboards?...Only time will tell.

Friday the 13th...... So we're rearranging everything so we can play as a three-piece. And the real surprise is... it's sounding good! Looking forward to getting out there and having a go. Talking about recording... again.

Happy New Year! It's been a bit quiet through December and January. We've jammed with a couple of people, including Jürgen (see 20.01.08) and now we're working on polishing up the set for whatever may come. We'd love to find an interested keyboard player to broaden our sound - any takers? Btw. Oasis, Hamburg 16.01 - brilliant!!

There's news now. We're back to being three again. Rainer has left us, probably largely due to differences of opinion on musical direction. We're looking for a fourth band member again.

There is nothing new.

I've finally put a picture of Rainer Grosche up here
At the moment the thing's too big, but it's better than the nothing that we had before. Rainer has been a part of The Merchants since last March or so - essentially playing lead guitar - and his growing sense of what we need brings a lot to our current sound. By the way, he splashed the cash and bought himself a beautiful, brand new Gibson Les Paul and just a couple of months later the deck (the veneer on the surface of the front) of the thing has a goodly number of cracks in it. Remember, this guitar costs well over a grand.... So he went back to the well-known Lüneburg music shop where he bought it and they did not want to know - gave him some cock and bull story about him having exposed it to excessive heat - bullshit. Now he's in contact with Gibson Europe and not much is happening there either. Now, I mean, if you're gonna spend a lot of money on a guitar, you expect to be able to take it out of its case without it starting to fall apart in your hands, don't you?

So, we've been back a few weeks now. The current project is to get a 6 track (or so) demo together. Looks like we're gonna work with Jörn from dbTech as engineer/producer on this, although the date isn't set yet. We're also extending the set list. New songs include The Moment (finally up and running), the Led Zep classic Thank You (new to this line up) and Soul Food, a brand new one essentially from Jörg.

Also, check out the new ads. As I'm looking at it now there's one for Weller in Hamburg. Cool eh!

July 08
Aaarggghh. I managed to delete a post by accident. It said something about holiday season approaching and our summer break, bla, bla.

The new Weller album (22 Dreams) sounds good and is doing well - No 1 in the UK album charts, and the man himself is coming to Hamburg in October. Don't miss it!!

Meanwhile, Tony and Jörg are working on new Merchants material. The band'll get together Wednesday and see what we can do about extending the set with more of our own stuff.

A great weekend was had by all (well, the vast majority, anyway). The Barninale 1 was quite a success, with the weather doing it's bit and giving us perfect sunshine and warmth for the event. Saturday evening/night was a real corker; a fantastic sound and light show, put on by dBTech with the three bands (The Merchants, Bad Excuse and Maiden Voyage) and completed by DJ Jens. Sunday saw all three bands play a short set each in the delightfully rural setting of Kramer's Farmyard. Photos coming soon.

Good practice last night. Building out the set for the Barninale1 gigs. Looking positive. Look out for new material!!

Things are moving on and we're heading forwards again. Jörg is now an established part of the Merchants lineup and sounding good. Also we can now announce the arrival of Rainer on lead guitar, whose fingerwork and sense of what's needed are taking us on to new heights.

On the down side, the Hamburg gig has fallen through, but perhaps that's not so grim as we wouldn't have been really ready, what with 2 new band members, anyway. The Barninale looks like being our first outing for this year.

He came, he saw, he left again. Jürgen has now officially and finally? left the Merchants. However, Jörg Sperling has joined us on bass, is picking things up with impressive rapidity, and is bringing his own special influence to what we do. We move on. Any guitarists or keyboard players out there; get in contact!!

Happy New Year. Let's hope it will be. It started well for the Merchants, with the Tuesday night practice session including the return of Jürgen and a new bassist (Jörg). Hopes are to record some of our compositions to put up for download on this site in the relatively near future, and to get ready for some gigs come the good, or better, weather. We live in hope :-)

Well, it's all kinda gone pear-shaped. Nicolai is off to tour Oz and NZ. Jürgen's other commitments have kept him away. We find ourselves looking for musicians again. Bass, lead guitar, keyboards maybe, didgeridoo perhaps. Watch this space!!

We're back from our summer break. Holiday time is over... The goal now is to get ready for a couple of gigs in the near future. First Thorsten's birthday bash in Buchholz, in a multi-band line up. Should be fun, with some jammin' and guest appearances and reunions with people we played with in former incarnations. Secondly we're hoping to get an in-the-week evening in the Wunderbar in Lüneburg sometime in October. More news as we know it.

14.07.07 The Merchants play a two and a half hour, 2 sets, open air at the Dorffest, Barnstedt. Problems with the sound initially, but we got it together.

Well, a fine night was had by all, I think. The Merchants played a short set at the multi-band event in Wentorf last night. Although perhaps clashing temporarly with the Live Earth concert in Hamburg, those who chose the Wentorf event were treated to some fine musical performances, ranging from Brazilian samba to the Merchants brand of rock 'n' roll. Additionally, Thorsten and Tony provided the sound system and mixed and generally roadied the whole event.

We are now looking forward to next week's gig in Barnstedt. Estimated starting time is somewhere between 8.30 and 9.00 pm. Come and see us!!

The Merchants will be performing in Wentorf on Saturday 07.07.07. At a mini-festival, it looks as though we will be the last band on, topping the bill, if you like. Estimated starting time....11pm, perhaps.

We live in hope that the last post will not be so. A great band practice evening last night, with Jürgen really on top form and the Merchants sounding good. Wiil he stay or will he go now? Let's hope he stays. Other news; looks like we might play at Thorsten's 40th birthday bash, in a multi-band line-up. And we'll try to schedule a public practice evening in the Wunderbar....sometime in September, perhaps???

It looks as if the Merchants are in the hunt for a new lead guitarist. Jürgen's committments to work, family, sail boats and other musical projects look like leading to his departure after this summer. Any lead guitarists out there who are interested...Get it touch!!

10.06.07 The Barninale organisation meeting this evening decided to pospone the Barninale, at which the Merchants were due to play. Hopefully this event will now take place in June/July next year. More details as soon as they are known!

The Merchants put in an impromptu appearance at the jam night at the "Wunderbar" in Lüneburg. Starting early (around 9pm) they played a short set of about an hour, and took full advantage of the excellent opportunity offered by the good folk of the "Wunderbar" to get a bit more stage experience.

05.05.07 Hamburg Lange Nacht der Museen. The Merchants played for three hours, open air, at the Hafen Museum im Aufbau. A rocking night was had until food and drinks were sold out!!

16.02.07 The Merchants take to the boards at a private party in Reinstorf, playing a two hour set and sounding good!

Dec 2006 Jürgen joins on lead guitar, greatly expanding the Merchants sound.

Nov 2006 Nicolai joins the band on bass and brings his own dynamic and influence.

Oct 2006 Departure of Eggi, for musical reasons.

Sept 2006 The Merchants top the bill at the Holzen music festival with a one hour set of pure rock 'n' roll

July 2006 First semi-public appearance at a private party in Barnstedt. Band consists of Tony, Thorsten and Eggi

May 2006 Departure of Frank for personal reasons

Feb/March 2006 Frank joins the band on keyboards

Nov/Dec 2005
Tony and Thorsten found the band out of their interest to develop their own style of music. Eggi completes the band on bass. Roots of the band can be traced back through Eddy and the Peacepipes (with Robert and Manuel, of Stony Waters), and Benny and the Jets (with, Olaf and Frank, and Helmut, of What's up) both of which Thorsten and Tony played in.